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DataDigger 20

DataDigger 20

OpenEdge Perspective Switcher

This Plugin allows the developer to control when the Perspective is changed automatically between the OpenEdge Editor/Appbuilder and Visual Designer Perspectives based on the file extension and the Editor that is being used to edit the file.

OpenEdge Perspective Switcher PreferencesOpenEdge Perspective Switcher Preferences

Install the Plugin by extracting the .zip file and then copying the .jar file into the dropins directory of your Progress Developer Studio (ie: C:\Progress\OpenEdge\oeide\eclipse\dropins).

OpenEdge Perspective Switcher Preferences

OpenEdge Perspective Switcher Preferences

Open file in procedure editor


I need to duplicate the functionality of the windows file explorer then it will open a file.p in the OpenEdge Procedure Editor (character mode).

With file explorer I can right-click on the file and within the sub-menu there is an option to open the file with the procedure editor.

Can someone supply me with the executable command to do this from outside of file explorer. I am using OpenEdge 10 on a windows 8 PC.

I tried using c:\pro101C\bin\prowin32.exe -p file.p
But that does not work.

I think it is not finding the propath??? :(

libxlsx Project

Hi all.

Does anyone know what happend to the libxlsx project?


Proogle Search Plugin for Chrome

To add the Proogle search engine to Chrome:

  1. Access the Chrome menu (Wrench or three bars, showing tooltip "Customize and control Google Chrome")
  2. Click on Manage Search Engines.
  3. There are three boxes to fill to add a search engine:
    1. Add a new search engine: Enter Proogle or another descriptive name
    2. Keyword: Enter proogle or another string you would like to use to start a search from the address bar
    3. URL with %s in place of query Enter the following string:


Anybody know how to set up/use datadigger? I've tried with the connection string in the readme.txt file and am getting an error.

I am new to OpenEdge and don't know much about any of their tools. I am very familiar with SQL and to some extent Oracle.

Error I'm getting is:
R-code file not located for "c:\datadigger\datadigger.p" (473)
** Unable to run startup procedure c:\datadigger\datadigger.p. (492)

Installation help

I am unable to get datadigger running.
I have no documentation other than the 3 lines contained in readme.txt
The error is:
R-code file not located for "c:\datadigger\datadigger.p" (473)
** Unable to run startup procedure c:\datadigger\datadigger.p. (492)

Here is my startup line pointing to prowin32.exe:
c:\IS21\Progress\bin\prowin32.exe -basekey "INI" -p c:\datadigger\DataDigger.p

DataDigger 18

DataDigger 18

Tool to Explore the Program

Hi All,

I want a tool which helps me in getting the info of all called procedures and include files inside an external procedure. I came to know that there is a tool called Pro Explore which helps solve this purpose. But I am not able to get that tool here. I am not sure if I am searching with the right name. If anyone have some idea of such a tool kindly let me know which would be helpful for some of my development purpose.


Progress 4GL Contractors

If you are in need of Progress 4GL resources or contractors please email progresscontractjobs@gmail.com

DataDigger 17

DataDigger 17


What is the DataDigger?

The DataDigger is a window that shows all tables in all connected databases. You can select a table, select which fields you want to see and browse through the data of that table. You can add, update, delete, import and export the data, even multiple records at the same time.

The DataDigger is free and can be found at https://datadigger.wordpress.com/


How to install?

Hi, just trying to get this to work. So I installed OEA (10.1C), downloaded the zip, unpacked it in my testproject, then went on to step 3 from the installation guide:

3. Modify the dotr/Maia.cls as follows ....

But I cannot find a dotr/Maia.cls. There is a sports.cls that looks like it has the required structure, but should I rename/modify it? And where should it be placed?

I definitely could use a little more help here.

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