Intui-Tech is a small group of developers. The corporation was newly formed May 12, 2006 and is based in the Memphis area to provide resource access North America wide. Our mission is to put usability, performance, and simplicity first and foremost. Our guarantee is to bring the "best of breed" solutions using the latest paradigms that will allow your applications to survive and move with changing technology.

Mike McMillan has been honing his expertise in nTier Architecture in the Progress community since 1995. He entered the community as an expert with VisualBasic, lending to his mastery of event driven paradigms and paving the way to the OO model in the Progress language.

"In the Progress world I have been able to take the Progress 4GL and completely adapt it to an Object Oriented approach. It so much more powerful than the majority even begin to realize."

Mike McMillan's most recent accomplishments have been Applications like ProDesk designed for Progress Software Corporation as well as an extremely rapid development of a Transport Module for Iron Mountain in which remote scanners send messages though a JAVA Open Client for "Real Time" updates.

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