WITS - Worldwide IT Solutions

WITS - Worldwide IT Solutions Wilhelmus van der Ham & C. sas is a company that offers specific services, particularly on all products in the Progress ® family. WITS also provides services in addition to the products produced entirely in Progress.

WITS was founded in November 2000 by engineer computer Wilhelmus van der Ham, Dutch by birth but by 10 years residing in the beautiful country behind him nearly fifteen years experience in the industry "Information Technologies. WITS SAS is preferred partner of Progress Software, which has participated in various projects and activities still plays as Consultant Engineer.

The mission of WITS sas is:
"Providing our customers with services and solutions Progress ® superior quality to give them a competitive advantage."

The WITS offers the following services:
* Drawing
* Analysis
* Development
* Training
* Documentation
* Implementation / Installation
* Maintenance / Tuning

Progress ® database applications and new and existing.

The complete solution for software companies. Includes features to manage, from setting the design into production, all aspects and stages of development and maintenance of application software.

A tool to analyze and document the progressive application ®.

Basic System Module
A module system for applications that contain a Progress ® adm2 manage users, profiles, menus, connections, online help, e-mail, database information and a series of super standard procedures for integration with Microsoft Office, logging and replication of data and management application.

For more information, email to info [at] wits [dot] it

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