Braun Consulting

Braun Consulting has long-standing practical experience which is not limited on structured operation of analysis methods, CASE-tools and objectorientated development tools but contains know-how for fast, professional and successful realization of large-scale projects and part of projects.

Braun Consulting carries out Enterprise Application Integration.
Increasing importance refers to innovative technologies of electronic commerce , like B-2-B and B-2-Consumer Models in which we profit from our experience in inventory control and maketing systems which enables us to perform individual solutions.
IT services improves your competition challenge and assures your busninesses success.

Appropriat mechanisms containing most modern object-technologies helps to get integrated in existing business models. Within the scope of a "Full-service" we provide our know-how also for complete system solutions.

Apart from that, Braun Consulting as a service company is doing strategic, project-orientated stuff recruitment.
For parts of projects (programming, webdesign, training) Braun Consulting has freelancer at disposal who can be put into duty depending on the job`s profile.

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