Using proparse.jar as a Server

Proparse.jar may be launched as a server which listens on a TCP socket. For example:

rem proparse.bat
set JAVA_PATH= proparse.jar
set JAVA_OPTS= -cp %JAVA_PATH% -Xss2M
java %JAVA_OPTS% proparse.Server

As of early August 2008, the New API for using this server is still work-in-process.

There are a few server server options which can be specified in an optional file named '' in the server's working directory:

# Configuration file for running proparse.jar as a server.
# This file must be in your current working directory.
# (i.e.:  ./
# Remove the leading hash mark '#' to uncomment a setting
# for property = value.

# port (optional)
# The port to listen on. If no port is specified, then 55001 is used.
# port = 55001

# project (optional)
# The project settings directory to load from ./prorefactor/projects/.
# If no project is specified, then Proparse will simply load
# from the first directory it finds.
# There does not have to be a project configured before launching the
# server, because the client can take care of that.
# project = sports2000