Using Proparse


You can find Proparse pre-built libraries on Joanju's Proparse page at

Configuration for Project Settings

See Project Config. Dump for a description of how to generate the configuration files needed by Proparse.


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proparse.jar needs prorefactor directories?

Maybe I don't understand your instructions, but if I want to use Proparse without Prorefactor, for example just to drive Prolint, do I still need to make Prorefactor project settings and will Proparse still dump output to a Prorefactor sub-directory?

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Re: proparse.jar needs prorefactor directories?

I have a bit more work to do. :) Right now proparse.jar does have the same requirements and output as ProRefactor.

I have to add a couple of minor things to proparse.jar so that the new socket/blob API is more suitable for Prolint:
- allow configuration through the socket, rather than require an up-front dump of the project settings
- make it optional whether anything is stored in a 'prorefactor' subdirectory

But in terms of using proparse.jar for jvm scripting, yes, it's the same as ProRefactor.