Compiling the C++ DLL

If you have everything all set up perfectly, then Proparse can be compiled with a simple Gnu make command. Getting everything set up can take a lot of effort though, so if you are adventurous and want to try compiling it yourself, be prepared for some challenges. The source requires Gnu C++, Gnu Make, perl, and probably other things I've forgotten. For performance reasons I usually compile the Windows DLL with MSVC++, but I found that by installing the right packages with Cygwin, I'm able to compile with that. Doing a build on Linux isn't too hard. The Gnu and other tools are usually easy to find and install for other unix platforms too.

Compiling Proparse also requires the C++ Boost libraries, which are large, so I haven't included them in the SVN repository. Download it from (I'm using version 1.33.1), unzip it somewhere, then copy its 'boost' subdirectory into the openproparse directory (alongside antlr, java2, spider, etc).

The Antlr libraries are included, and the sources are under version control because I've had to hack a few of the C++ source files.

Proparse compiles with a built in Java-native interface, so it requires a couple of C header files from the JDK. The Makefile, by default, looks for the jdk in /progfile/jdk/, but of course you can change that.

Sample Session
Here is an example session compiling Proparse on Linux. If you aren't a 'vi' user, use your own editor. Note the necessary copy of the 'boost' directory. See the Makefile for necessary (but configurable) jdk directories and files.

$ svn export svn://
$ cp -a boost openproparse
$ cd openproparse
$ vi Makefile
$ export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=.
$ make