Issues for The Hive project

SummaryStatusPriorityCategoryLast updatedsort iconAssigned to
Need fresh review of move to Drupal 6activenormaltask8 years 20 weeks
Connection between Site Map and Yellowpagesfixednormalbug report8 years 20 weeks
can't connect to any subversion repository at oehifixedcriticalbug report9 years 1 weekjohn
Project/Group actions menu hard to find, especiallactivenormaltask10 years 20 weeks
Posting to two groups doesn't workactivecriticalbug report12 years 18 weeksjohn
Auto enable group email notifications doesn't workactivecriticalbug report12 years 18 weeksjohn
pages don't show keywordsactivenormalbug report12 years 20 weeksjurjen
Add release (in a project) does not workactivenormalbug report12 years 27 weeksjurjen
Unpublished nodesactivenormaltask12 years 44 weeks
User access to node's "publishing information"activenormaltask12 years 44 weeks
Login difficulties, continuedactivenormalbug report12 years 44 weeks
Forum "generic discussion" for new OG projectsactivenormaltask12 years 47 weeks
Index/search and external HTMLactivecriticaltask12 years 48 weeks
Navigationactivenormalfeature request12 years 48 weeks
auto log offactivenormaltask12 years 48 weeks
add og2list_groups after project is createdactivecriticalbug report12 years 48 weeksjohn
Permissions by project,group,nodeactivenormaltask12 years 48 weeks
clean home pages, need templates?activenormaltask12 years 48 weeks
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