clean home pages, need templates?

Project:The Hive project
Component:User interface
I've done what I can with making home pages clean without getting into the templates, and I think that's the next step. The idea is to make the home pages as much of a "clean slate", like raw html, as possible. But, there's still the Hive banner, the hive-wide search, taxonomy links (hive wide), and probably more that needs to be considered. All we want to enforce is a subtle link (or breadcrumb) (honey trail?) back to the hive.


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I still think that it would be good to have the search in the bar at the top be combined with a combo-box which specified the scope of the search in the fashion that Amazon does.

The "breadcrumb" trail is probably a good feature, but may not lead to the Hive because the user may not have entered there.


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You're right about the

You're right about the breadcrumbs.  But I assume it is really a "path" instead "breadcrumb trail"