Unpublished nodes

Project:The Hive project

There is currently a problem with Drupal, in that it does not allow authors to *view* their own unpublished nodes. They can edit them, but not view them.
See http://drupal.org/node/41188.
This is a shame, because otherwise, we could use a combination of the Workflow module (with workflow between published and unpublished) and the Workspace module (to view a list of all my own nodes, including the unpublished ones), to create "sandbox" type nodes, for playing or for tentative editing prior to publishing.
Hopefully there will soon be a relase of Drupal which resolves this issue.
In the meantime, all nodes are "published", and we recommend that users use "Sandbox" as their audience for playing and for editing nodes before publishing.


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Re: Unpublished nodes

Unpublished nodes are evil. If we can't see them, people
could abuse them for their private web file storage, or even for uploading
illegal warez.