Add release (in a project) does not work

Project:The Hive project
Component:Project components
Category:bug report

When you want to create a new release in a project and try to upload a file, the file will not get uploaded to the server and the release displays an error message.

A workaround is to upload the file with FTP to a designated directory, and then manually modify the project_releases record. Of course this is not a very nice workaround.


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There is a new version of the "project" module (project-4.7.x-2.2) and I have installed it in the staging site. Adding releases appears to work fine now, but only for NEW projects. Projects that already existed before the upgrade still can't have releases. We will have to dig in the database to see how new projects are different than old ones, and to see how we can "repair" the old projects.
To be continued...