Prolint/proparse support for OE 11 keywords


I try to use prolint/proparse for newer OpenEdge 11 files that use new Syntax (like XML-NODE-TYPE on temp-tables).

I get the following error:

org.prorefactor.refactor.RefactorException: modules\posi\futura4\getarticles.p:42:3: unexpected token: XML-NODE-TYPE

I installed and downloaded current versions of prolint (release 74) and proparse ( version

Is this supposed to work?
Am I doing something wrong?
Syntax XML-NODE-TYPE should be supported for many years already?
Is prolint/proparse project dead?

Progress Programmer Looking for a position

Terry Baxter
P.O. Box 944 Pleasanton, California 94566 Phone: (925) 425-9660

Connect to Windows SQL Server from QAD

I'm supporting a QAD application. Over the past 4 years, I've taught myself Open Edge. I'm not expert by any means but I've written some solid maintenance / label printing programs.

I would like to connect to a Windows SQL database, so I can interface it to UPS / FedEx, etc.

What would I need on the Unix side? Do you have recommendations for a Unix ODBC driver?

Also I need some sample code of how I connect to SQL and send SQL commands / invoke stored procedures from a Progress program on Unix.

I would appreciate any guidance.

Does anybody uses Prolint with ActiveX

I try to use the newest version of Prolint which uses ActiveX. And cannot get it working with MSCOMCTL.OCX.
I need to know if anybody got it working on OpenEdgee is in 11.5.

Sr. Progress DBA Opportunity

International Financial Data Services (IFDS) is currently looking for a DBA to join our team. We are one of Canada's largest financial services firms and specialize in providing mutual fund record keeping systems to our clients.

Details and job description below. If you ae immediately interested please pass along your resume to bzeeman@ifdsgroup,com

Thanks and have a good day,


Running Prolint - error 6087

I am at the setup stage of running Prolint 74 in OpenEdge Developer Studio (Open Edge 11.5 - 64 bit). loads properly.
The Prolint screen starts. When I add files to be tested and press OK the error 6087 is displayed when it hits the procedure control-load in prolint/outputhandlers/logwin.w.
Please, help - Hanna

Parse program which is having table definition


i am using a program to parse a 4GL progress code, it works fine when there is no table definition is used but fails if i use a table refrence, gives me below error -

Error (Press HELP to view stack trace)
org.prorefactor.refactor.RefactorException: testparse_table.p:1: Unknown table name: customer
OK Help

i am having sports database connected on editor. below is the code i am using to parse and my pf file is using sports db -

Prolint not loading

I need help with using Prolint on Open Edge 11.5 - 64 bit.
I am trying to evaluate Prolint if it can be part of our development system. As I read about it, it looks very promising. Unfortunately I encountered problems with loading


how I can read the computer name if the user is connected via CITRIX

Database file size - db BI lg Before-Image Cluster Size etc.... 10.2B05

Starting new with a company and working performance issue. Been awhile since I did any DBA stuff. Anyway just some existing db spec:

db size in 12GB on disk
BI size is 13GB on disk
lg size is 7GB on disk - lg born Oct 18 2011
Before-Image Cluster Size: 524288
Before-Image Block Size: 8192

I don't see any BI Truncate lg entries

Online backup only - with the history of the BI file should I expect backup performance issues due to: BI size, BI Cluster size, BI never truncated, all of the above or more?

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