Search & Replace application

Hi everybody.
I want to share some programs I have done for some time and have worked for me. For free, no cost.
I was developed it since 1999, are very simple, but very effective.

Are developed for Windows only. Its the plattaform i use.

Can someone tell me who is the person I need to contact to let the programs in this page? or I need to contact directly to the PSC?


wS&R-ShowFile.w25.31 KB
wS&R-Main.w51.75 KB
vS&R-Optns.w15.61 KB
vS&R-Criteria.w11.95 KB
pS&R-PrintFile.p2.99 KB

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This is a great

This is a great program!
Thanks to share!
Which licence is it shared under?

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I was going to tell you that

I was going to tell you that you could do it yourself, but you seem to have already done that! You might provide a bit more documentation, but the sharing is done!

Ah, though, I see that you have created this as a forum post rather than a regular page on the site. To make this content more visible, go to the entry on the right side for Create Content and create a page. Do the same things there that you did here to add the attachments. I would put this under Develop and Support Tools under Navigation.

If you only want to provide a little documentation, a Page is sufficient. If you want more, then start with a Book Page and that will let you create child pages, e.g., one per program or whatever.