Almost there

It's been several long weeks of struggling with site hosting configuration, web servers, mail servers, Subversion servers, a few different CMS options, and of course, mostly with Drupal and a number of optional modules. But we're getting there!

Subversion is functional, the groups and mailing lists are functional, and the projects are functional. The site look needs work. The site navigation is contentious! We have a temporary logo, a temporary theme, temporary project categories, tentative navigation categories, and a tentative layout for site navigation in general! I'm confident that, in spite of all that's in flux, the important bits are working: Subversion, project issue tracking, and backups.

I hope you'll register, subscribe to some of the groups and RSS feeds, and feel at home browsing and contributing to the projects and other content on The Hive.


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This post is now a bit out of date

Thomas Mercer-Hursh, Ph.D.

little error

when registering, I got the following:

Page not found
Subscribed to the Codeparse group group
Subscribed to the Hive group group
Subscribed to the Miscellaneous Group group
Subscribed to the Object-Oriented ABL Techniques group
Subscribed to the PDF Include Group group
Your password and further instructions have been sent to your e-mail address.

Note the "Page not found".

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I had a look at the system

I had a look at the system log. It looks like it's a wee bug in Drupal. I suspect that you tried to add a comment, found you couldn't without registering, clicked register, and then the bug hit - the register page tried to forward you on to the add comment page with a poorly formed URL, resulting in the "page not found" error. Nothing serious, I don't think.

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Thanks, that must be new.

Thanks, that must be new. We'll look into it.