Releases for KsvPlugin for OpenEdge Architect

KsvPlugin for OpenEdge Architect

Size: 40.05 KB
md5_file hash: 112dda941b9f4dc9e396fba8a6d447fe
First released: Tue, 2009-12-22 20:07

It fixes a bug in the Import aliases from OE Studio tool for manually edited als files.

KsvPlugin for OpenEdge Architect 1.0.4-dev

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md5_file hash: e88311f34d9b8bdc7fe2eaada240e73f
First released: Wed, 2009-10-14 19:40

The release is more about bug fixes and minor improvements.

  • Now you can open a file using its pathname - either relative or absolute. It works with the Open file in PROPATH and Open files from clipboard tools.
  • If a tool reopens a file, the cursor position will be restored after reopening.

KsvPlugin for OpenEdge Architect

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md5_file hash: e731d97cefd682354c465d944cd947f4
First released: Thu, 2009-08-27 18:54

It fixes a bug in the Copy file to project tool in 1.0.3 release. The bug prevented you from copying file into the project.

KsvPlugin for OpenEdge Architect 1.0.3-dev

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md5_file hash: cc9a71f318a141940e74fb7bb6fc61c8
First released: Wed, 2009-08-26 19:17
  1. If you open a file using plugin's tools, its syntax will be always highlighted as ABL file in spite of its extension
  2. If you have to edit an ABL file with a nonstandard extension, you can now reopen it as ABL file using the new Reopen as ABL file tool and use all ABL features while you modify it.
  3. You can now know what version of KsvPlugin you're working with. Use the About KsvPlugin tool for that.
  4. A new wizard for creating a new ABL file was added. It's called ABL File (ksv) and it can be found among the standard OpenEdge wizards. The new wizard allows you to create a new ABL file with any extension. It uses a template which is the .ksvprocedure file included into the package. When you create a new file the wizard looks for the template using your project's PROPATH and inserts it into the file replacing some tags. There are the following tags:
    • <name> filename
    • <date> date of creating a file
    • <who> author of a file
    • <year> year of creating a file
    • <comment> description of a file
  5. The work of all tools became more reliable because the more reliable function is now used for detecting your current OpenEdge project. The previous function had some shortcomings.

KsvPlugin for OpenEdge Architect 1.0.2-dev

Size: 28.22 KB
md5_file hash: 1c175de7c34c4b33cb3b86da36f6550e
First released: Mon, 2009-08-17 12:04
Last updated: Mon, 2009-08-17 12:04
  1. The work of the 'Open file in PROPATH' and 'Open files from Clipboard' tools was improved. If open files are not in the current project they will be opened in readonly mode and there'll be no chance to modify them accidentally. The only way to get rid of the protection is copy the files into the project using the 'Copy file to project' tool.
  2. The new 'Original file' tool was added. It'll be useful with the 'Copy file to project' tool because it shows the orginal file which was copied into the project. Apart from that the tool allows you to open the orginal file in the editor.

KsvPlugin for OpenEdge Architect 1.0.0-dev

Size: 22.83 KB
md5_file hash: f312e064fe50b0ada8b796922ab35f54
First released: Sat, 2009-08-08 16:00

The initial version of KsvPlugin


It works with OpenEdge Architect 10.2A SP1. To install the plugin you should unzip it and copy the jar file into the %DLC%\oeide\eclipse\plugins folder. If everything's ok you'll see the new 'Ksv Tools' item in the OEA main menu.

How it works

The plugin includes 5 tools:

  1. Open file in PROPATH you type any filename in the file open dialog box and the tool will try to find and open it in the editor using your OE project PROPATH.
  2. Open files from Clipboard if your clipboard contain any filenames delimited by '\n' char the tool will try to find and open them in the editor. Filenames might have contain junk chars such as curly brackets, spaces, etc.
  3. Copy file to project copies the current file into your current OE project. The tool is especially useful along with two previous tools.
  4. Build PROPATH Are almost all paths in your PROPATH subfolders of some root folder? If they are, the tool will be useful for you, because it allows you to choose some root folder and all its subfolders will be added into your PROPATH.
  5. Import aliases from OE Studio Does p4gl.als mean something for you? If it does, you'll find the tool useful, because now you can convert all your aliases from p4gl.als into eclipse's templates.