Basic parameters:

To start Prolint for the source you are currently editing in ED, you would set up ED to invoke proed4w.exe with the following command-line:

   d:\progresstools\proed4w\proed4w.exe -c prolint -f "<NAME>"

(the location of proed4w.exe may be different on your PC)

  • -c

    specifies the command to perform, in this case "prolint". Other values could be "syntax" or whatever we may come up with next.

  • -f

    specifies the filename to perform the command on, in this case "<NAME>"

    ED replaces <NAME> by the fully-qualified name of the current file.

Note: proed4w.exe does not actually cares about these parameters. It simply forwards them to proed4w.p, who does
parse the command-line and decides which tool to run based on the -c parameter.

Advanced parameters:

proed4w uses a TCP-connection on host 127.0.01, port 2525.

If you want a different portnumber you can specify so in file proed4w/port.i.

This file is included by proed4w.p and is imported by proed4w.exe so they are always using matching ports.
You can also override all by using parameters on the command-line:

   d:\progresstools\proed4w\proed4w.exe -H -S 3001 -c prolint -f "<NAME>"

But of course, the owner of host will not appreciate that :-)

Suppose there is no Progress session listening at the specified port.

Proed4w.exe can automatically launch a Progress session for you, unless you specified a
host other than

Use the -cfg parameter:

   d:\progresstools\proed4w\proed4w.exe -cfg sports -c prolint -f "<NAME>"

This will cause proed4w.exe to attempt a connection at and when it doesn't
get such a connection, it will launch a new Progress session (identified by the -cfg parameter) and then it will retry to get a connection.

"-cfg sports" means that proed4w.exe will search for startup-instructions in file "c:\p4gl\tools\proed4w\settings\sports\proed4w.ini" to launch a new Progress session. This .ini-file should specify the commandline, parameters and working diretory for the new Progress session, there are one or two examples for such an .ini-file shipped with the initial installation of proed4w.