More Excel and Word Utilities Updates

Just finished several big updates to the Word and Excel utilities.

Recent Word Updates -

- Added support for parts and sub parts using bookmarks (see the samples/src/word/sale_order.p sample).

- Added support for HTML and RTF values instead of plain text, numbers, dates etc. (see the samples/src/word/sale_order_html.p sample).

Recent Excel Updates -

- Added a meta table for setting field formats, styles, summaries etc. (see the samples/src/excel/create_template_ttmeta.p sample).

- with much improved calculated fields features.

We've added even more performance improvements and fixes to both utilities.

Download the utilities and try the samples.

If you have any questions or requests please feel free to contact me.

Alon Blich
Phone: +972-54-2188086
Skype: alon.blich


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If anyone is looking for

If anyone is looking for this project, it was moved to the Free DocxFactory Project.