Windows Background Process w/o Taskbar Entry

Project:Word Documents Created from OE
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Does anyone know a way to launch an OE session in the background on Windows (XP) without having it show on the Windows Taskbar? Looking to create a "silent" process that is run from the Windows Task Scheduler that runs frequently throughout the day, and don't want the "noise" for the user.


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Yes, easier than you'd expect: when you create a Progress window using the Appbuilder, you can uncheck the "Show-in-Taskbar" property of the window.


Thanks, but I neglected to say that this background app has no UI, just a few log entries. Its purpose is to share information between two databases.


Now that I think about it, perhaps I missed your point. Are you saying just DON'T run it with the "-b", but develop and launch as a normal window-UI, but with the checkbox unchecked? I guess it would just be an empty window?

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Haha no I was not saying that :-) but you might try it anyway. I did not really think it through, just remembered the show-in-taskbar option and typed a quick reply.
I think that users wil say that an empty window is still annoying when it suddenly pops up, even more annoying than a taskbar button.
The MS-Windows rule is: every visible unparented window has a taskbar button.
So if you don't want a taskbar-button: don't have a window, or don't make it visible, or make sure that it is parented (which is a rather complicated trick, but the show-in-taskbar option does it for you).

If you can't make a hidden window then MAYBE you can still hide it by giving it a screen-coordinate outside of the visible desktop, or by setting the size 0 by 0 (although I expect that the ABL will "protect" you by not allowing that)

or keep the -b option and wonder why it makes a taskbar-button in the first place. A batch should not be visible, at all. I don't know much about -b but could it be possible that there is in the program that the process tries to display something, which forces that some kind of console window gets born?


Actually, I finally got it to work, by:

- taking off the "-b" from the OE session command line
- unchecking the "Show in Taskbar" checkbox on the main window
- checking the "Small Title" checkbox

Any other combination always generated a Windows Taskbar entry.

You can find more from checking the OE knowledgebase for keywords "small-title" and "taskbar".

Thanks again, though!