New DBA Group

A DBA Group has been added to the available groups. This should be used to tag content related to design and deployment issues for databases such as performance, configuration, and testing. It can also be used to ask questions unrelated to specific content on these same topics and thus result in mail to all members of the group. Add your name to this group to get these email notifications.

In general, all content should be assigned to one group, or at most two or three, since email notifications will be sent to group members when new content is posted. Blanketing all groups will only make people mad because they will be getting mail on topics that don't interest them.


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How to manage DB in Win Ser 2008

Hello, There is a tool to manage DB's instead Progress Explorer Tool? I usually work in Win Ser 2003, but all the changes moves to Win Ser 2008.

Basically I'm looking a way to setup parameters, start and stop one DB (And keep away this from other users).

Thank you