The Hive will be upgrading!

Our hosting service (WestHost) is putting us into the beta for a major service upgrade.

It is estimated that will be upgraded on Thursday, November 15.

This includes upgrades to Linux, Apache, php, sendmail... basically everything! I anticipate that things will get broken, but Jurjen and I will do our best to fix things as quick as we can. (Er, at least I hope Jurjen will be available that day...!)

We are really looking forward to the upgrades. We hope that with it we'll see some performance improvements. More importantly, once the smoke clears we'll be ready to upgrade Drupal and the plug-in modules that we use on the Hive. Hooray!


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Better response time

The response time to the Hive is a _lot_ better from where I am. No more of those wonderful delays when navigating links any more!

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Hive upgrade complete!

The upgrade is done. My compliments to WestHost - it went quite smooth, considering the complexity of upgrading the OS and such a large number of applications.

For our part, we had one tricky application recompile, and a script or two to tweak, but things seem to be running OK.

The site feels a bit snappier to me. Fingers crossed.

Please let us know if you see anything that looks amiss.