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Email notifications, March 2015

My apologies to everyone who has been receiving email notifications for old posts on oehive. I found and fixed a very old issue with the web site, and that released a backlog of notifications. I disabled email notifications as soon as I noticed what was happening, but not before a lot of emails went out!

Notification subscriptions just got easier

If you edit your account settings, you will find some new options for Organic Group email notifications.

Major Drupal Upgrade

Today and tomorrow (December 28-29) we are doing a major Drupal upgrade. We hope you like the changes! Please let us know if you find anything that is no longer working.

Yes, we do Subversion repository hosting

Yes, the Hive has always had Subversion repository hosting. It's not obvious, but it's true.

You can see what repositories already exist by looking here:

It's not integrated into Drupal in any way, at least not for now. The plug-ins that we looked at for integration were rather immature and not very compelling. We'll have to find some way to make it more obvious that SVN is available on the Hive.

Registration email and spam filters

Over the weekend we made a change to the Hive's website hosting settings so that reverse DNS works properly, and that should help with spam filtering.

If you never received your registration welcome email from the Hive, then please try "request new password", or else just use the "contact" form to let us know you are having trouble, and we'll send you a password.

I also see from the system's email logs that there are a couple of people who entered email addresses that look perfectly legitimate to me, but the emails are bouncing with "invalid address" type messages. Again, if you aren't getting your registration welcome email, please use the "contact" form to let us know, and we should be able to help you get it sorted out.

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