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This Procedure allows you to export almost any browser-content to an excel-sheet via a simple run-statement

4GLTrace LOG-MANAGER Reporter

Reads output from a LOG-MANAGER:LOG-ENTRY-TYPE = "4GLTRACE:4" and reports the line number, date, time, statement elapsed time, total elapsed time, nesting level, action, action adjective, and remaining data in a columnar format

Procedure Manager

The procedure manager provides a standardized way of managing when a persistent or super procedure is instantiated, which procedures parent it, how many procedure instances are created, and when they are deleted.

The primary application for this program is enabling writing new PP/SP code with OO style structures, which enables easier development of new code and upgrading existing legacy applications with minimal code impact.

ABL(4GL) General Code Samples Book

This is the top level book/outline node for some general ABL (formerly known as Progress 4GL) code samples. This includes code snippets, code examples, utility programs, tricks, techniques, and patterns. There are other books and libraries for more specific topics, such as Win32 API programming and OO programming. This book is a more general catch-all.

Tool to report index selection analysis for a query

This tool allows you to enter a query on a table, and reports detailed index selection information for you, including an index tree (of one or more indexes) that the compiler would construct for this query, plus an analysis of indexes for each node of the index tree to help explain why each index was chosen.

The source code for this tool (written in Progress 4GL/ABL V9.1) is included in the download. It is quite heavily commented to help explain all the compiler's index selection behaviour (including how/why multiple indexes are sometimes selected). The UI is very simple so it can be used i


PCT (Progress Compilation Tools) is a set of ANT tasks, designed to compile Progress® procedures and dump/load databases.

PCT is distributed under the Apache License.

This project was born due to the lack of automated Progress® code compiler. PCT is a command-line based tool, so it can be run in batch mode, to generate nightly builds for example. However, as PCT is a set of ANT tasks, your compilation tasks can be run using a graphical frontend to ANT.

AutoEdge Issue Tracker

Issue tracker for Progress Software's AutoEdge reference implementation of OERA. Calc Library

This is a collection of functions and procedures that provide an API to the Calc spreadsheet application. These were developed in Progress 9.1D using version 1.1.2 and have not yet been verified to work with version 2+.

This collection of functions and procedures will allow you to programmatically create Calc spreadsheets, add data, format columns, rows and cells and more!


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Generate include files for Windows constants

The included program allows the generation of include files containing pre-processor definition for all of the constants within any type library. Type libraries may either be specific type library files (.olb,.tlb) or can be contained within .exe,.dll or .ocx files.
I typically need to know constants when working with COM or ActiveX objects in the 4GL. Often, the documentation for such objects refers to various property values by the name of the constant. This is because most documentation is geared towards development environments where the constant values will automatically be made available to the developer. Such is not the case for Progress.

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