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This is a dynamic browserwindow, browse_exp.p in the zipfile, fed from a minimal repository to get the specific UI and query. It should compile starting from 9.1D as its most modern language-element is the CALL object. You can easily maintain the repository with the "browserbuilder" utility that I have put in this package also.

Collection and Map Classes for OOABL

In developing a foundation framework for Object-Oriented ABL, it seems natural to consider creating a set of Collection classes since they have a broad utility in OO design in other languages. It also seems natural to consider imitating the Collection classes in Java since that is a tried and true implementation into which there has been a considerable investment of thought and effort.

Win32 API samples

the Windows API reference library, formerly known as

This collection of code snippets used to be hosted on

It is an old collection: it all began in 1996 or 1997, when Progress 8 was new and many of us were still using Windows 3.1 !!

Unlike wine or paintings, program code doesn't get better when it ages. You can find fragments that can be improved because Microsoft continuously expands their API, or are outdated because Progress has added features to the ABL so we don't need to use the WIN32 API anymore.


These pages are for exploring ideas and designing a new AST and/or "Intermediate Representation" tree for further semantic analysis of 4GL/ABL source code.

The output of Proparse and ProRefactor will be used to generate an IR tree which is more appropriate for control flow, data flow, and other kinds of analysis.

PDF Include

Generate PDF documents from 4GL/ABL

PDFinclude is an open source Progress utility for dynamically generating reports in Adobe PDF file format without having to use third-party tools or utilities.

PDFInclude is a Free Libre Open Source Software (FLOSS), distributed under the Eclipse Public License.

PDFinclude is a stand-alone component that defines a toolset of Progress functions and procedures that aid in the output of a PDF file directly from 4GL/ABL, without having to generate a separate text file first (as in text2pdf.p).


Prolint is a tool for automated source code review of Progress 4GL code. It reads one or more sourcefiles and examines it for bad programming practice

Prolint is a tool for automated source code review of Progress 4GL code. It reads one or more sourcefiles and examines it for bad programming practice

When you are interested Prolint, you are encouraged to subscribe to this group where you find the on-line tools to collaborate and discuss Prolint. There is a discussion forum, you can submit issues (for bugs and enhancement requests), you can modify the on-line documentation. So subscribe, and then don't forget to go to your subscription details to enable the e-mail notification!

User Links

CLICK HERE to go to the links page. All registered users can post URLs that are useful and relevant for OpenEdge developers.

Proparse-Based Utilities

This project gathers various utilities related to parsing code. This includes tools for viewing or converting Proparse's syntax tree, utilities for find and report, utilities for search and replace, etc.


This project is for the maintenance and support of John Green's "jpjvm" DLL, which loads a JVM into a Progress/OpenEdge session.

The Hive project

This is where "The OpenEdge Hive" is maintained and built. You can find site documentation, submit bugs and feature requests if something on the website does not work well, and you can discuss the features of this website in the Hive group. Submit specific issues on the The Hive Project Issue Tracker and more general discussion on the The Hive Group Forum

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